HAries Tech

HAries Tech 

Bombas de calor reversibles condensadas por aire

Potencia frigorífica nominal 154 - 323 kW. Potencia térmica nominal 168 - 359 kW.

The reversible heat pumps of the HARIES TECH series, with environmentally friendly R410A refrigerant, represent the best solution for  centralised hydronic air conditioning for medium areas (such as hospitals, offices, shopping centres, etc.) and offer energy savings in all operating conditions. The technical solutions adopted contribute practically to the reduction of operating costs of the system and to protection of the environment. These include: scroll compressors offering high seasonal energy efficiency, high efficiency plate heat exchangers, for operation in more favourable energy efficiency conditions; refrigeration circuits with separate aeraulic sections to progressively stop fans according to the instant thermal load; partial heat recovery for sustainable use of electricity.  The advanced defrosting logics ensure maximum environmental comfort and a high economy of service compared to traditional systems.

The wide range of accessories and versions offers solutions to the most varied of installation requirements and at the same time facilitating installation, start-up and management of the system.





Características técnicas
Modalidad Compresores Refrigerante Intercambiador Ventilador
Frio & Calor Compresor scroll R410A Recuperación de calor Haz tubular Placas Axiales
High seasonal energy efficiency 
Partial heat recovery for sustainable use of electricity
Reduced noise levels
Wide range of accessories and kits for custom solutions
High reliability and continuity of operation
Ease of installation, use and maintenance
Technical specifications
Galvanised carbon sheet steel and polyester powder coated
Environmentally friendly R410A refrigerant 
High energy efficiency scroll compressors
Phase monitor and crankcase heater
Finned coils with copper pipes and aluminium fins generously dimensioned, always with hydrophilic treatment 
Axial fans with optimised profile to reduce noise levels
Double electronic expansion valve for performance optimisation at all operating speeds
Brazed plates heat exchangers in AISI 316 stainless steel or shell and tubes type with high energy efficiency and low water pressure drops
Integrated hydraulic group composed of either: single or double circulation pump with mid and high available head pressure, storage tank, expansion vessel, automatic load kit, automatic vent valve and drainage tap.
HE – high efficiency version with standard sound level
SHE – high efficiency low noise version
SSN - super silenced acoustic version
Single or double pump with medium and high available head pressure
Integrated storage tank
EC inverter axial fans with inverter technology
Anti-freeze heaters for hydraulic circuit
Compressors suction and discharge valves
Antivibration mounts
Remote control
Soft starter
Filters on condenser coils
Monitoring system and modularity
Sectores de aplicación  
  • Aeropuertos y estaciones de ferrocarril
  • Cines, Teatros y Museos
  • Hospitales
  • Hotel y restaurantes
  • Deporte y Ocio
  • Oficinas y centros de negocios
  • Edificios públicos y escuelas
  • Centros comerciales y tiendas
  • Eurovent
  • EAC
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  • Qlandia Centros comerciales y tiendasSlovenia
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