Compressed air treatment modules

Flow rates 30 – 540 m³/min

ETM DM: MTA’s modular air treatment modules for large capacity systems

The ETM DM are compressed air treatment modular units that can be connected to each other via MASTER/SLAVE logic. Each unit integrates a high-efficiency compact aluminium exchanger, a separation system and a condensate drain. In the MASTER configuration, the ETM DM modules include an electronic control unit that ensures correct operation.

Installable anywhere
The upgrading of large systems for the production of compressed air is often problematic and very expensive due to the lack of available space in equipment rooms. ETM DM modules perfectly solve this problem because, thanks to their compact dimensions and the possibility of being connected to a chiller located outside of the compressor room, they can also be easily integrated within existing systems.
Maximum reliability level
Very often large systems are not designed according to redundancy criteria as the installation of multiple dryers in stand-by with the corresponding piping take up valuable space. During maintenance these systems must therefore be put offline causing costly system downtime. The modular approach of the ETM DM ensures intrinsic redundancy of the critical components and therefore enables the reduction of periods of system downtime.
Ultimate energy saving
The load profiles of most of the manufacturing industries are highly variable. The flow rates of compressed air to be processed and the process temperatures fluctuate greatly during the day, forcing the dryers to operate at partial load for most of the time. The system, consisting of one or several ETM DM modules connected to a TAEevo chiller thus equates to a thermal mass energy saving dryer as it  is capable to adapt its energy consumption to the actual requirement for inlet compressed air, ensuring the highest level of energy saving.
Adaptable to every need
It is possible to choose between several chiller + drying modules combinations by sizing the system to ensure optimal pressure loss level without affecting the level of electrical power absorbed while increasing the level of redundancy and safety of the system.
Technical specifications:
  • Extremely robust 2-in-1 heat exchanger, comprising an air-air heat exchanger, an air-glycol water exchanger – optimised for an exchange in countercurrent and an high efficiency demister separator;
  • Microprocessor control and management of energy savings standard on  MASTER modules;
  • Dynamic dew-point DDF energy saving function with ambient temperature “tracking logic” (ambient sensor DDF kit necessary);
  • Liquid chiller remote ON/OFF control;
  • Safety system for protection against freezing of the condensate;
  • Flanged manifold kit (connection of 2/3 MASTER/SLAVE modules);
  • Hydraulic connection kit (max distance 5/10 m);
  • Kit RS485 Modbus.
  • EAC
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