Enfriadoras de líquido condensadas por aire.

Nominal cooling capacity 1,8 - 4,4 kW

Developed from the TAEevo range experience, the TAEevo TECH MINI has been greatly improved through important technical updates: new finned coil evaporator, strong structure with eyebolts and new advanced electronic controls. Everything is a perfect balance between high reliabilitycompact dimensions and high efficiency. Perfect for cooling smaller industrial processes.

Maximum reliability
The design of the MINI units combines the aim of ensuring class-leading performance with the highest reliability of the components. The innovative finned coil evaporator ensures reliable operation even in demanding applications. Thanks to the non ferrous hydraulic circuit the MINI chillers are able to work even with fluids aggressive to carbon steel, maintaining maximum quality and cleanliness of the process fluid.

Easy installation
Thanks to their compact dimensions MINI units fit easily even below of a workbench. The robust structure with eyebolts allows lifting the unit by means of straps with hook. Thanks to the dual frequency design the MINI 03 model is ready for 50Hz and 60Hz applications.

Easy maintenance
The rational layout of the components, the simplicity of the refrigerant circuit and the numbering of electric cables simplify the operations of checking and maintenance, which can also be performed with running unit. The disassembly of the condenser air filters for the periodic cleaning operations is facilitated thanks to the fastening system interlocking. The mod. M08-10 are equipped with a green light steadily on under normal operating conditions and red in alarm condition.

Extended operating limits
The wide operating limits allow MINI units to operate even under the most extreme conditions. The maximum temperature water inlet and minimum water outlet are respectively 35°C and 0°C. TAEevo TECH MINI can operate with high ambient temperatures up to 45 ° C.


Características técnicas
Modalidad Compresores Refrigerante Intercambiador Ventilador
Frio Compresor rotativo R134a - R410A Bateria aletada inmersa Axiales
  • Innovative evaporator with finned pack and in-tank configuration, featuring low pressure drops and reduced sensitivity to fouling;
  • Refrigerant fluids (ODP=0)  R134a (mod. M03) and R410A (mod. M05-10) ensuring higher performance thanks its outstanding heat conductivity;
  • Reinforced structure with eyebolts allows lifting the unit by means of straps with hooks;
  • Atmospheric pressure hydraulic circuit built with non-ferrous materials;
  • Water buffer tank in polyethylene equipped with a drain valve a water filling and overflow connections and a visual level indicator;
  • Safety water by-pass;
  • Advanced XR60CX microprocessor control;
  • General alarm free contact and remote ON / OFF digital input;
  • Easy installation, use and maintenance;
  • SEPR HT Tier2 compliant.
  • Close control temperature version (mod. M08-M10): this version offers extremely precise regulation of the outlet water temperature (hysteresis± 0,5 °C);
  • Brine version: suitable for low outlet water temperature (Tw out min=-5 °C);
  • P5 Pump (mod. M08-M10): peripheral non ferrous pump (5 barg available head pressure);
  • Tank level switch (mod. M08-M10);
  • Multipole industrial connector (mod. M08-M10);
  • Hydraulic disconnect system (mod. M08-M10);
  • Stainless steel frame.
  • Water filter kit;
  • Automatic hydraulic by-pass kit;
  • Antivibration mountings kit;
  • Dynamic set point kit;
  • Wheels kit.


Sectores de aplicación  
  • Plástico
  • Química y Farmacéutica
  • Alimentación
  • Láser
  • Máquina herramienta
  • Enológico
  • Eurovent
  • RoHS
  • ISO 9001:2015 - PED - FGAS
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