Condenserless units

Nominal cooling capacity 322 – 1394 kW.

AQUARIUS G ME is a condenserless series of MTA designed for indoor installation with R513A refrigerant gas and configured to be combined with remote condensers for outdoor installation. The AQUARIUS G ME condenserless are the best solution for commercial and industrial applications where reliability and high performances are requested.

The Smart stepless capacity regulation of screw compressors and the electronic expansion valves, installed as series, allow to maximise the energy efficiency both at full load and at partial load, ensuring high seasonal performances. AQUARIUS G ME is the optimal solution to the complex installation needs of commercial systems and in air conditioning of large civil, public and private buildings.

Características técnicas
Modalidad Compresores Refrigerante Intercambiador Ventilador
Frio Compresor de tornillo R513A Recuperación de calor Evaporador multitubular de paso simple -
  • Low GWP refrigerant R513A;
  • Seasonal energy efficiency compliant with ErP Directive 2009/125/EC;
  • High energy efficiency levels, especially at partial loads;
  • Smart stepless cooling capacity regulation with self-adaptive control;
  • High accuracy and adaptability in cooling capacity regulation;
  • Single compressors minimum capacity step 25%;
  • Heat exchangers with low water side pressure drops in order to reduce the pumping systems management costs;
  • Integrated heat recovery systems (partial or total heat recovery);
  • Condenser outlet water temperature up to 60 °C.
Standard features:
  • High efficiency screw compressors with smart stepless cooling capacity regulation optimised for R513A refrigerant;
  • Check valve and shut-off valve on compressors discharge line;
  • Compressors crankcase heater and phase monitor;
  • Automatic circuit breakers for compressors;
  • Electronic expansion valves;
  • Single pass shell & tube heat exchangers optimised for R513A refrigerant;
  • "Unloading" function that allows the start-up and operation of the units, even in conditions very different by the nominal ones;
  • Programmable microprocessor electronic control with high computing capacity and user friendly interface, suitable for connectivity with RS485 Modbus protocol supervisor systems;
  • Electrical cabinet protection rating IP54;
  • Inspections and tests performed on all units;
  • Non-freezing oil and refrigerant factory charged.
  • Soundproof compressors housing;
  • Water side reversible heat pump configuration;
  • MWT configuration, for low outlet water temperatures (down to -8 °C);
  • Partial heat recovery - desuperheater (20% heat recovery);
  • Total heat recovery (100% heat recovery);
  • Shut-off valve on compressors suction line;
  • Soft starter;
  • Power factor correction capacitors (cosф > 0,9).
  • Pressure controlled or modulating condensing regulation valves;
  • Flanged hydraulic connections (evaporators);
  • Victaulic or flanged hydraulic connections (condensers and heat recovery);
  • Antivibration mounts;
  • Remote display;
  • xWEB300D EVO to monitoring, control and register data, based on "WEB server" technology;
  • Modularity kit, for master/slave system management (up to 7 units).



Sectores de aplicación  
  • Aeropuertos y estaciones de ferrocarril
  • Cines, Teatros y Museos
  • Centros de datos
  • Centros de exposiciones
  • Hotel y restaurantes
  • Oficinas y centros de negocios
  • Edificios públicos y escuelas
  • Centros comerciales y tiendas
  • ISO 9001:2015 - PED - FGAS
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