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The G ranges: a greener future for everybody

The G ranges: a greener future for everybody
MTA’s G ranges offer a greener alternative for just about every application within Industry and Air Conditioning, with four product ranges from 73 to 1499 kW cooling capacity.
Two refrigerants, R454B and R513A, combining high energy efficiency and ease of use with significantly reduced GWP levels, confirm MTA’s commitment to eco-friendly solutions.
Refrigerant R454B is an A2L refrigerant (non toxic, low flammability) with a GWP of 466 (-76% versus R410A, -31% versus R32). R454B requires only minimal precautions for completely safe operation.
R454B is offered on the Taurus G (73-145 kW) and Aries G (161-611 kW) ranges. These air-cooled chillers feature multi-scroll compressor technology; all models are equipped, as standard, with all security devices to allow simple and safe installation and operation with R454B.
Refrigerant R513A is an A1 refrigerant (non toxic and non flammable) which can be applied with no restrictions whatsoever. Its GWP of 631 is 56% lower than R134a. 
R513A is applied on chillers with screw compressors, both in air-cooled (Phoenix G, 261-1348 kW and iPhoenix G, 266-1383 kW) and water-cooled (Aquarius G, 351-1499 kW) configurations. 
MTA chillers meet ecodesign SEER (air conditioning) and SEPR (process cooling) Tier 2 efficiency levels. All G ranges operate within a wide range of water limits covering numerous industrial and air conditioning applications. These fully packaged solutions, with single or twin pumps and the buffer tank mounted on board and including low noise and extra low noise versions, are available with an extensive range of options to personalize the chiller to the exact application requirement.
The G ranges: MTA confirms its commitment towards a greener future, offering environmentally friendly solutions with no compromises.
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