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MTA meets the energy efficiency challenge

MTA meets the energy efficiency challenge
MTA has always been focused on developing units with a minimal energy consumption and environmental impact.
The European Union regulates chiller and heat pump energy efficiencies by means of the Ecodesign Directive (ErP), which defines minimum efficiency standards and emission limits for cooling and heating equipment.
Compared to the past, where EER and COP were the reference parameters, these new indicators incorporate seasonal variations offering a more precise evaluation of energy consumptions. Specifically, there are three new Ecodesign indices, according to the product and application; these are mandatory to obtain the CE mark.
All MTA chillers and heat pumps fully meet these new EU requirements, guaranteeing the declared data and energy consumption levels required by the regulations.
SCOP, the efficiency index for MTA air conditioning heat pumps.
European Regulation (EU) 813/2013 defines minimum energy efficiency levels for air- and water-cooled heat pumps, with heating capacities up to 400 kW. The SCOP index (Seasonal Coefficient Of Performance) measures seasonal energy efficiency by relating annual heating demand to annual energy consumption.
SEER, the efficiency index for MTA air conditioning chillers.
SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) relates the annual cooling demand to the annual energy consumption and is used for air conditioning units with a cooling capacity up to 2000 kW. 
The index can be calculated in two manners: for low temperature applications the water inlet and outlet conditions are 12/7 °C, whilst for medium temperature applications the conditions are 23/18 °C.
SEPR, the efficiency index for MTA industrial process cooling units.
Industrial process cooling applications refer to SEPR (Seasonal Energy Performance Ratio), which calculates the ratio between annual cooling demand and annual energy consumption, but with a differing methodology compared to SEER.
Manufacturers applying air conditioning units in process applications frequently refer to SEER as the efficiency parameter, which is however incorrect and not admissible under EU regulations. MTA's entire process cooling portfolio is fully compliant with Ecodesign ErP SEPR Tier2 regulations, as specifically required for industrial applications.
Furthermore, the entire TAEevo TECH range, developed specifically for process applications within a very wide temperature band (-24,9 °C to +30 °C), offer both SEPR HT indices (for water outlet temperatures between 2 °C and 12 °C) and SEPR MT indices (for negative water outlet temperatures down to -8 °C). Other MTA ranges are also offered with both indices.
In addition to the Ecodesign directive, MTA also participates in Eurovent Certita Certification (ECC); this verifies and certifies, in its dedicated accredited laboratories, the performance standards of numerous HVAC products in the European market, chillers and heat pumps included. 
Eurovent certification is valid for air-cooled chillers with a cooling capacity up to 600 kW, water-cooled chillers with a cooling capacity up to 1500 kW, air-cooled heat pumps with a heating capacity up to 600 kW and water-cooled heat pumps with a heating capacity up to 1500 kW.
MTA uniquely participates in Eurovent as a supplier of dedicated Process Cooling equipment, offering industrial customers the peace of mind of certified performances.
Ecodesign ErP Directives aligned with the application needs and Eurovent certification for both industrial and air conditioning ranges represent MTA’s perfect combination ensuring elevated and fully compliant energy efficiencies and certified performances, in order to increase customer confidence, ensure the accuracy of declared data and reduce environmental impacts.
To download the updated MTA Eurovent certification click here: Eurovent
Contact MTA info@mta-it.com for MTA’s product sheets containing all applicable ErP data.