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MTA & ICS: a successful partnership story

MTA & ICS: a successful partnership story
ICS Cool Energy are the industrial cooling experts in the design, rental, manufacture, supply and servicing of cooling systems and air conditioning chillers through UK and Europe as well. In July of 2005, national chiller distribution company, Cool Energy, merged with ICS to create the UK's largest supplier of industrial cooling equipment. Indeed ICS is able to offer a good compromise between high performance products and fast service support. The very long business partnership, between MTA and ICS, is coming up from the general appreciation over the reliable MTA packaged chillers and the successful approach of ICS people into a very difficult chillers market like the British one, relying on a deep mutual trust and respect. At the beginning ICS had been mainly developing the market with MTA’s TAE range of chillers, the well-known industrial range.
After many years of great success it was easy for ICS to embrace and propose also the other efficient MTA’s bigger chiller ranges like Galaxy Tech (multi-scroll range in R410A), Phoenix Plus (high performance range in R134a refrigerant gas), Aquarius Plus (big water cooled range in class “A”). In addition to this MTA is now providing also chillers for temporary rental purposes, that is even becoming a big business for ICS. Furthermore, MTA is now proud to be the exclusive supplier for the whole ICS’s rental chiller fleet for 2009. As a matter of fact in March was carried out an important meeting in MTA’s Tribano headquarter in Italy (see the photo here below).
The rental fleet was made up by more than 180 chillers including, among the others, some Phoenix Plus, PNP 280 SN silent version, a state-of-the-art-unit which provides more than 500 kW at normal 12/7°C water conditions but customized for rental purpose, which means equipped for instance with a reinforced frame for frequent movements, with a double set-points and a compressors liquid injection. The order included also some Galaxy Tech 100 N models, machines with R410a refrigerant gas, with reduced footprint, expansion thermostatic valves and special shell & tube evaporator built for low water temp.