Air cooled reversible heat pumps with scroll compressors.

Nominal cooling capacity 12,8 - 88,4 kW
Nominal heating capacity 11,1 - 84,3 kW

The HAEevo TECH reversible heat pumps are high efficiency units specifically designed for wine industry, and generally for all process applications when high performance, continuous operation and reduced management costs are the main requirements.
The oversized heat exchangers surfaces and optimised scroll compressors ensure high performances, maximising the energy savings. The wide numbers of options available makes the units highly customizable, suitable to satisfying any type of plant solution.
All units are compliant with the limits imposed by the ErP regulation for seasonal efficiency ratio SEPR HT and SCOP.



Other applications where the HAEevo TECH reversible heat pumps are effectively employed are:

  • the temperature control of the calenders for cooling / heating of plastic films and cylinders for flexographic printing;
  • the heating of buildings;
  • food plants drying and distillation;
  • plants for the processing of wood and paper;
  • chemical plants.


Технические характеристики
Способ Компрессоры Фреон Теплообменник Вентилятор
Охлаждение/Нагрев Спиральный компрессор R410A Погружная оребренная батарея теплообменника Осевой вентилятор EC axial fan


  • Seasonal energy efficiency compliant with ErP Directive 2009/125/EC;
  • Scroll compressors ensure high efficiency and performances, maximising the energy savings;
  • Evaporator with in-tank configuration specifically designed for process cooling applications. It allows high flow rates with low pressure drops and compatibility with impure process fluids even with high percentages of glycol;
  • Oversized water storage tank, useful to compensate the instability caused by sudden changes of the required load;
  • Extended operating limits (chiller mode): Tw in max = +35 °C; Tw out min = -10 °C; Tamb max = +46 °C; Tamb min = -10 °C;
  • Extended operating limits (HP mode): Tw out max = +55 °C; Tw out min = +30 °C; Tamb max = +20 °C; Tamb min = -10 °C.
  • Chemical & Pharmaceutical
  • Food & Beverage
  • Rental
  • Wineries
  • EAC
  • Eurovent
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