Phoenix Plus

Phoenix Plus 

Чиллеры с воздушным охлаждением

Холодопроизводительность 711 ÷ 1065 кВт.

The chillers of the PHOENIX PLUS series, with environmentally friendly R513A refrigerant, represent the best solution for  centralised hydronic air conditioning for large areas (such as airports, offices, shopping centres, cinemas, etc.) ensuring best in class energy savings and reliability. This result is obtained through precise design and component selection added to the availability of up to four compressors on independent refrigeration circuits. The screw compressors installed on PHOENIX PLUS chillers are developed and optimized for R513A and thanks to the "Smart Stepless" software algorithm they are capable to deliver the right cooling capacity according to the needs of the system, even in situations of high load variability; "Smart stepless" manages also the oil level in the compressors even in critical situations activating suitable logics.
Condensing units are modular, allowing the fans to stop gradually as a function of the instantaneous thermal load, helping to increase seasonal energy efficiency of the units. The management of the units is entrusted to a control microprocessor which operates in total autonomy all major functions, including adjustments, the alarms and the interface with the outside.


Технические характеристики
Способ Компрессоры Фреон Теплообменник Вентилятор
Охлаждение Винтовой компрессор R134a Single pass shell & tube heat exchanger Осевой вентилятор
  • High seasonal energy efficiency;
  • High reliability and continuity of operation (up to 4 screw compressors and “Smart Stepless” algorithm);
  • Reduced noise levels;
  • Wide range of accessories and kits for custom solutions;
  • Integration with FC4ALL free-cooling modules.
Technical specifications:
  • Galvanised carbon sheet steel and polyester powder coated;
  • R513A refrigerant;
  • Screw compressors optimised for R513A managed with “Smart Stepless” algorithm;
  • Modular condensing section with finned coils with copper pipes and aluminum fins generously dimensioned; 
  • EC Brushless fans;
  • Electronic expansion valves;
  • Electrical panel: IP54 protection rating; automatic circuit breakers to protect the compressors and fans;
  • Dry expansion shell & tube type heat exchangers, with high energy efficiency and low  water pressure drops.
  • HE - Basic acoustic version;
  • SHE - Silenced acoustic version;
  • SSN - Super silenced acoustic version.
  • Low ambient temperature option (down to -20°C);
  • Soft starter;
  • Anti-freeze heater;
  • Antivibration mounts;
  • Compressors housing;
  • Condensing finned coils protection with a protective coat of paint;
  • Filters on condenser coils;
  • Remote control;
  • Monitoring system and modularity.


  • Аэропорты и вокзалы
  • Кинотеатры, театры и музеи
  • Информационные центры
  • Выставки
  • Больницы
  • Отели и рестораны
  • Развлекательные и спортивные центры
  • Офисы
  • Общественные здания и школы
  • Торговые центры
  • Eurovent
  • EAC
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