Water cooled chillers and heat pumps with scroll compressors.

Nominal cooling capacity 52 - 695 kW
Nominal heating capacity 59 - 792 kW

Water to water chillers, heat pumps and condenserless units
NEPTUNE G and NEPTUNE G HP is the new generation of chillers and heat pumps, reversible on the hydraulic side, available from 50 to 700 kW and equipped with scroll compressors, capable of matching the needs of any Comfort and Process application.
The new range perfectly combines the use of low GWP refrigerant R454B, with high efficiency levels especially at part loads in a extremely compact frame, delivering the ultimate sustainable solution.
Technical features
Mode Compressors Refrigerant Heat exchanger Fan
Cooling & heating Scroll compressor R454B Plate heat exchanger -
• High efficiency in all operational conditions, with EER values of up to 5,2 at full load, SEER up to 6,8 and SEPR HT up to 9,7 (NEPTUNE G HEX chiller-only version);
• COP values up to 4,5 and SCOP LT up to 6,5 (NEPTUNE G HP heat pump version);
• Low GWP refrigerant R454B;
• Wide operating limits, with hot water production up to +65 °C with ambient temperature down to -7 °C (dT ≤ 10 °C);
• Compact design (only 0,88 metres wide);
• Very low noise level (down to -8 dB(A) for the S version).
Technical specifications:
• Scroll compressors;
• Evaporator: stainless steel brazed plate type, externally insulated, complete with flow switch (provided loose) and antifreeze protection electric heater;
• Condenser: stainless steel brazed plate type, externally insulated, complete with flow switch (provided loose);
• Microprocessor;
• Comunication card RS485;
• Housing made with galvanized base and pre-painted metal sheet with epoxy powder (sizes up to 041);
• Housing made with heavy gauge structure in galvanized steel (sizes from 042 to 192);
• Electronic expansion valve.
• Automatic circuit breakers for compressors;
• Refrigerant gauges;
• Phase failure protection relay;
• Housing with closed panels;
• Victaulic kit;
• Soft-Starter;
• Sea container kit;
• Automatic hydraulic pumps changeover;
• Leak detector;
• Low leaving water temperature kit for operation below 0 °C (evaporator side);
• High leaving water temperature kit for operation up to 65 °C (condenser side);
• Ball valves on the discharge and liquid lines (only for condenserless version).
• Remote control display;
• Water strainer;
• Water gauges;
• Liquid receiver (only for condenserless version);
• Rubber anti vibration mounts.
NEPTUNE G Cooling only chiller
- HE Standard efficiency
- HEX High efficiency
NEPTUNE G Condenserless unit
NEPTUNE G HP Heat pump (reversible on hydraulic side)
Acoustic configurations:
L Low noise -3 dB(A)
S Super low noise up to -8 dB(A)
Hydraulic options:
B/A User side
L/H Source side
SB Buffer tank (not available for HP version)
Sectors of application  
  • Plastics
  • Automotive
  • Chemical & Pharmaceutical
  • Food & Beverage
  • Eurovent
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