Air cooled chillers.

Nominal cooling capacity 26,7 - 80,8 kW

The green industrial solution
CYGNUS G air-cooled industrial chillers are designed specifically for use in demanding applications.
CYGNUS G is the result of MTA’s commitment towards the green transition of energy systems, combining reliability, durability and flexibility with the application of eco-friendly refrigerant R454B.
The packaged plug & play configuration features an internal storage tank and singleXtwin pumps. Numerous options, coupled with wide operating limits, ensure CYGNUS G perfectly fits a variety of process cooling applications.
CYGNUS G is the flexible and dependable solution for your industrial needs.


Technical features
Mode Compressors Refrigerant Heat exchanger Fan
Cooling Scroll compressor R454B Plate heat exchanger Axial fan
• Low GWP refrigerant R454B
• Certified efficiency with values exceeding Ecodesign SEPR standards;
• Eurovent certification
• Extended operating limits with water outlet temperatures from -5 to +20 °C and ΔT from 4 to 10 °C;
• Plug and Play, adaptable to any application, easy to use and ready to install;
• Industrial quality, designed to work under any conditions;
• Low noise, with sound power levels down to 67 dB(A) as standard;
• Precise temperature control guaranteed by a generously sized buffer tank;
• Stainless steel plate evaporator.
Standard features:
• Refrigerant R454B;
• Hermetic scroll compressor (twin compressors  from mod.211);
• Compressor crankcase heater;
• Industrial copper-aluminium condenser;
• Integrated hydronic module with pump, storage tank, expansion vessel, safety valve, filling/drain valve, pressure gauge and automatic bleed valve;
• Hydraulic threaded connections directly accessible from the unit’s exterior;
• Brazed stainless steel plate evaporator;
• Axial fans with electronic speed control;
• Electrical panel protection grade IPX4;
• Phase monitor;
• Factory charged with refrigerant and non-freezing oil;
• Extensively factory tested (performance, operation, quality and safety).
• Winter package: minimum ambient temperature -20 °C, storage tank, medium head pressure pump, condenser air filters and antivibration mounts;
• Configuration with storage tank;
• Medium/low head pressure pump (depending on model);
• Double pumps (1 run/1 stand-by), on request;
• Anti-freeze heater on evaporator, pump and storage tank (if installed).
• Replicated remote user display;
• Serial card (RS485 Modbus);
• xWEB300D PRO supervisor system;
• Soft starter;
• Condenser air filters;
• Antivibration mounts.
Sectors of application  
  • Plastics
  • Automotive
  • Chemical & Pharmaceutical
  • Biogas Treatment
  • Food & Beverage
  • Machine Tools
  • Wineries
  • Eurovent
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