Aries N - iAries Nnew

Aries N - iAries N 

Air cooled liquid chillers featuring reciprocating compressors with propane.

Nominal cooling capacity 245 – 472 kW

iASN and ASN air-cooled industrial process chillers are designed specifically to deliver absolute dependability for themost demanding industrial applications.
MTA is fully committed to supporting the green transition of energy systems towards an all-inclusive solution. Advanced technologies and the application of natural refrigerant R290, with zero environmental impact, are combined in ARIES N and iARIES N chillers, offering a long-term sustainable solution.
The chiller features all the main hydraulic and mechanical components integrated inside the unit, as standard.
An extensive range of options, coupled with wide operating limits, confirm iASN and ASN as the perfect plug & play solution, the ideal to fit in a variety of process cooling applications.
Technical features
Mode Compressors Refrigerant Heat exchanger Fan
Cooling Piston compressor DC Inverter R290 Plate heat exchanger Axial fan EC axial fan
Standard features
• Natural Refrigerant R290 – Propane;
• 2 reciprocating compressors in 2 circuits; 1+I configuration on iASN;
• Compressor crankcase heater and phase-monitor;
• Integral enclosure and acoustic insulation on compressor compartment;
• Brazed plate evaporator heat exchanger;
• Microchannel condenser coils;
• Axial fans complete with protective grids and die-cast aluminium airfoil blade profiles (EC as standard on iASN);
• Electronic expansion valves;
• Electrical cabinet protection rating IP54;
• Electronic microprocessor controller with touch screen user display;
• Modbus RS485 serial output for connection to supervision systems;
• IN/OUT compressor valves;
• “Victaulic” hydraulic connections kit (supplied for each unit);
• Extensive tests and verifications performed in the factory;
• Refrigerant and oil charge.
• MWT version (down to -10 °C outlet water temperature);
• Low ambient temperature option (down to -20 °C);
• Single or twin water pumps with low (P2) or medium head pressure (P3);
• Water accumulation tank;
• Anti-freeze protection heaters for heat exchangers, pump/s and water accumulation tank (if installed);
• High efficiency EC brushless fans (standard on iASN);
• Protective epoxy coating for condenser coils, for installation in aggressive environments;
• Finned pack condensing coils with copper pipes and aluminium fins;
• Metal mesh filters for condenser coil protection.
• Antivibration mounts;
• Metal mesh filters for condenser coil protection;
• xVISION web-based remote management and monitoring platform.
Sectors of application  
  • Automotive
  • Chemical & Pharmaceutical
  • Food & Beverage
  • Chemical & Pharmaceutical
  • Machine Tools
  • Eurovent
  • ISO 9001:2015 - PED - FGAS
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