Modular liquid coolers for free-cooling systems

Cooling capacity 18 - 407 kW.

FC4TAE and FC4ALL are the most energy efficient and flexible free-cooling units on the market, offering a fully packaged solution, which can be used as a stand-alone free-coolerXadded to a chiller also in a second time.

The range of FC4TAE and FC4ALL series liquid coolers consists of 7 packaged models equipped with finned water coils, axial fans, free-cooling, water valve and a microprocessor controller. The “modular concept” employed to design this range enables FC4TAE and FC4ALL units hydraulic integration with any liquid chiller in the TAEevoTech and Aries Tech.

The use of free-cooling mode provides impressive energy savings and is particularly suitable for industrial processes where the production of chilled water is required all through the year. Under this system, the low temperature of the outdoor air is used in winter, autumn and spring to completelyXpartially cool the process fluid normally cooled by the chiller with the aid of its refrigeration compressors.

During modular free-cooling operation, the FC4TAE and FC4ALL modules are controlled and managed by the on board microprocessor, cooling the process fluid “free of charge”, with the compressors either shut down (total free-cooling)Xin partial operation (partial free-cooling).

FC4ALL modules, if combined with a chiller ARIES Tech fitted with X Drive electronic control, is able to work in a modular way (master and slave).

Technical features
Mode Compressors Refrigerant Heat exchanger Fan
Cooling - H2O Finned coil heat exchanger Axial fan
  • Add additional modules, as required;
  • High energy saving;
  • Allow to customize the installations;
  • Simplified installation and easy access to all components.
Technical features:
  • 7 models (FC4TAE 051-161-351-602-802 and FC4ALL 300-450);
  • The frame is extremely hardy with rustproof polyester paint;
  • Minimum ambient temperature down to -15°C;
  • Protection filter for air to water coil;
  • Stand-alone operating modeXMaster/slave (only for FC4ALL);
  • On/off free-cooling managing valve;
  • IP54 protection;
  • Microprocessor control.
  • -20°C ambient option;
  • EC Electronic Brushless fans;
  • Antivibration mounts (only for FC4ALL);
  • Painted cooling coils.
Sectors of application  
  • Plastics
  • Automotive
  • Machine Tools
  • EAC
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