Condenserless units

Nominal cooling capacity 210 - 534 kW.

NEPTUNE TECH ME is a condenserless series of MTA designed for indoor installation with R410A refrigerant gas and configured to be combined with remote condensers for outdoor installation. NEPTUNE TECH ME series, offered in a large number of models, versions, and layouts, is the optimal solution to the complex installation needs of commercial systems and in air conditioning of large civil, public and private buildings.

The adopted multi-scroll logics allow to maximise the partial loads efficiency which account the largest portion of the working life of an air conditioning unit. Particular focus was paid to the dimensions of these units that can be installed within technical rooms that are often difficult to access.

Technical features
Mode Compressors Refrigerant Heat exchanger Fan
Cooling Scroll compressor R410A Plate heat exchanger -
  • Seasonal energy efficiency compliant with ErP Directive 2009/125/EC;
  • High energy efficiency levels, especially at partial loads;
  • Extremely compact, even handling through the typical technical rooms;
  • Unloading function allowing operation even in extreme conditions;
  • Robust design with high quality components by renowned suppliers, derived from MTA’s industrial background;
  • Flexibility of use, sized for operation with tower or well water;
  • Further energy efficiency through the total or partial heat recovery options;
  • Ease of installation and accessibility to all internal components;
  • Wide temperature limits of evaporator water outlet (from 0 °C to 25 °C);
  • Wide ambient temperature limits (from -10 °C to +45 °C);
  • Easy to use parametric controller with graphic display.
Standard features:
  • 3 to 6 hermetic scroll compressors, on one or two refrigerant circuits;
  • Compressors crankcase heater and phase monitor;
  • Brazed stainless steel plate evaporators and condensers;
  • Electronic expansion valves;
  • Inspections and tests performed on all units;
  • Non-freezing oil and refrigerant factory charged;
  • IP54 electrical protection rating.
  • Soundproof compressors housing;
  • Water side reversible heat pump configuration;
  • Partial heat recovery - desuperheater (20% heat recovery);
  • Total heat recovery (100% heat recovery);
  • Anti-freeze heaters for evaporators, condensers and heat recovery.
  • Modulating condensing control valves;
  • Victaulic hydraulic connections;
  • Antivibration mounts;
  • Soft starter;
  • Remote display;
  • RS485 Modbus interface for connection to supervisor systems;
  • xWEB300D EVO to monitoring, control and register data, based on "WEB server" technology.


Sectors of application  
  • Airports & Stations
  • Hospitals
  • Leisure & Sport Centers
  • Public Buildings & Schools
  • Shopping Center
  • EAC
  • ISO 9001:2015 - PED - FGAS
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