Air source heat pumps featuring hermetic scroll compressors.

Nominal cooling capacity 49,8 – 116 kW
Nominal heating capacity 54,6 – 130 kW

The scalable solution: high efficiency, maximum flexibility
GEMINI G HP is the new MTA heat pump range designed to always meet the requirements of air conditioning applications, combining high efficiency with multiple customization possibilities and easy installation.
GEMINI G HP’s modularity provides maximum configuration flexibility, even when capacity extension is required, minimizing the risk of plant downtime.


Technical features
Mode Compressors Refrigerant Heat exchanger Fan
Cooling, heating & hot water system Scroll compressor R454B Plate heat exchanger Axial fan
• Low GWP refrigerant R454B
• Extended range: 10 sizes available to cover any thermal load requirements up to 130 kW with a single unit;
• Maximum modularity with the possibility of combining up to 6 modules for a total heat output of 780 kW;
• Leaving hot water temperature of up to +60 °C;
• Compact design with only 1 metre width.
Technical specifications:
• Scroll compressors;
• Eco-Profile axial fans statically and dynamically balanced;
• Condensing pressure control with variable fan speed modulation;
• Evaporator: stainless steel AISI 316 brazed plate type, externally insulated, complete with differential pressure switch and antifreeze protection electric heater;
• Air side heat exchanger: high efficiency finned coils with seamless copper tubes expanded into corrugated aluminium;
• Electronic expansion valve;
• Microprocessor;
• Housing and panels in galvanised and painted steel;
• Communication card RS485.
• Hybrid smart coolingR (2 way modulating valve, brazed heat exchanger);
• Power factor correction to cos phi 0,91;
• Control panel electric heater with thermostat;
• Phase failure protection relay;
• TP Serial card with BacNet Protocol (MS/TPXTCP/IP);
• Gateway Modbus LonTalk™;
• Low ambient temperature kit in cooling mode (down to -10 °C);
• Low ambient temperature kit in heat pump mode (down to -15 °C);
• 3-way valve for domestic hot water (DHW)
• Eco-Profile Electronic fans;
• Soft-Starter;
• Automatic circuit breakers;
• Eco-Profile Electronic fans - high head pressure (100 Pa);
• Refrigerant gauges;
• Protection grilles;
• Special treatment for condenser coils;
• Oversized water pump seal for operation with glycol > 25%X> 40%;
• Anti-freeze protection for hydraulic versions with hydraulic kits.
• Sea container kit;
• Remote control display;
• Flow switch;
• Automatic water filling;
• Water strainers;
• Water gauges;
• Rubber and spring anti vibration mounts.
Options & kits required for modular configuration:
• Multi-Manager System (mandatory);
• Hydraulic connection kit for connection between single modules;
• Victaulic clamps and caps (2 pcs to be mounted on the unit manifold);
• Victaulic clamps (2 pcs to be mounted on the unit manifold).
• Basic version: 
- H Heat Pump
• Energy version (1): 
- D Desuperheater (partial recovery)
• Acoustic versions (1):
- L Low noise (with compressor sound jackets)
- S Super low noise (with enhanced sound jacket for compressors)
• Hydraulic versions (1):
- B/M/A Hydraulic kit including 1X2 pumps (ON-OFFXInverter driven), with low (B)Xhigh (A) available head pressure
• Hydraulic versions with water tank (1):
- SB/SA - XB/XA Hydraulic kit including N.1 (S)XN.2 (X) pumps (ON-OFFXInverter driven), with low (B)Xhigh (A) available head pressure, expansion vessel and 120 l buffer tank
(1) To be combined with basic versions


Sectors of application  
  • Cinemas, Theaters & Museums
  • Hotels & Restaurants
  • Leisure & Sport Centers
  • Offices
  • Residential
  • Shopping Center
  • Eurovent
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