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TAE N Mini: the natural revolution for industrial process cooling

TAE N Mini: the natural revolution for industrial process cooling
MTA heads towards a greener future with TAE N Mini, industrial liquid chillers with Propane - R290.
Propane boasts a long history in refrigeration, but the growing need for environmentally neutral alternatives to synthetic HFC refrigerants have truly put it in the spotlight.  
Propane is a natural refrigerant, with no damage to the ozone layer and a negligible impact on global warming, with a GWP of only 3. 
Furthermore it offers excellent thermodynamic properties, ensuring high efficiency levels. 
Consequently both direct and indirect environmental impacts are reduced: the result is a complete solution to sustainable cooling.
TAE N Mini emphasizes MTA’s commitment towards a greener future, combining the reliability and robustness of MTA process chillers with enhanced efficiencies (up to +6%) and the application of environmentally friendly natural refrigerant R290.
TAE N Mini chillers are designed with a focus on safety and ease-of-use, with a fully hermetic refrigerant circuit and an extremely low refrigerant charge; consequently TAE N Mini can be easily installed indoors, with simplified installation and maintenance procedures.
These chillers come in 4 models, with hermetic rotary compressor technology, cooling capacities from 1.7 kW to 4.4 kW and extensive water outlet temperatures ranging from 0 °C to 30 °C.
All models are equipped with MTA’s innovative evaporator-in-tank configuration and a non-ferrous hydraulic circuit ensuring reliable operation and clean working fluids, with low operating and maintenance costs for the whole cooling system.
TAE N Mini performances meet the latest Ecodesign standards for industrial process applications and are guaranteed by Eurovent-certification, a market-unique feature offered by all MTA industrial chillers.
TAE N Mini is compact, plug-and-play and easy to maintain. A comprehensive list of options and kits ensures a perfect fit to all applications and operating conditions.
TAE N Mini: Truly industrial, truly green.