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MTA & ALDAG at the Sodex Exhibition

MTA & ALDAG at the Sodex Exhibition
The Exhibition is a very important show where all the main manufacturers of chillers from all over the world participate, and Aldag was one of the protagonists in the Air Conditioning-Ventilation Hall, where they displayed two MTA units: a CG 171, a small air cooled unit with scroll compressors and plate type evaporator, and an ASFC 301, unit with free cooling section that uses the low ambient temperature during winter period to cool the water, maximizing the efficiency. Above all the technical solution offered by MTA contributes to improve the efficiency, by using two completely separated sections, one for the free cooling and the other for the cooling circuit, and achiving also a reduction of the noise level of the unit.
Aldag is a historical reality in Turkey that works in the air conditioning and process field since 1967 and since two years is actively promoting the MTA products, achieving a fast growth and the consolidation of the partnership between the two companies that brought to the signature of the Exclusivity distribution agreement for Air conditioning products in Turkey.
The good team spirit and the continuous communication allowed to realize important references, like the new Agricultural University in Harran, where 3 PNP 560 HE are installed; these are high efficiency air cooled units of 1.350 kW each, with 4 screw compressors on 4 independent refrigerant circuits with continuous control of the cooling capacity between 12,5% and 100%. There features assure a very high efficiency and reliability of the unit, factors that were the main point for the success of the project, considering also that the unit is suitable to work at full load till the external ambient temperature of 45°C, and above with the activation of the unloading function.
A strong collaboration that bore and that for sure will bear fruit in the future, allowing to both the companies, Aldag and MTA, to grow together in a market of big interest and big competition.