The constant commitment to research has enabled the Company to fully understand the business sectors in which it operates.

A group of people constantly operates to assess the ideas that can then be practically applied to products to be launched onto the market. All the research themes are thoroughly analysed, including heat exchange, management and monitoring software and special circuit solutions.

The main objective of the work of the team is to maximise energy efficiency and to ensure MTA's products meet customers' requirements. A testing room, especially constructed to give concrete form to the ideas of the research area, where the validity of the aspects being designed are tried out on a daily basis, prior to making the new solutions available to the product development group.

Product development

The constant commitment to research and a drive towards the needs of the customer form the basis for MTA where the development of any new product is concerned. A team of engineers, designers and technicians follows every step: from the conception and development of innovative solutions to the design and construction of the product series, constantly prioritising customer satisfaction. Over the years the Company has matured the ability to create products that are appropriate to the needs of the market, implementing innovative strategies within an increasingly competitive context; the constant growth of MTA's turnover and the level achieved in customer loyalty are evidence of this.

Commercial structure

The MTA Group is divided into the following: 3 sales divisions, a marketing structure, a service structure, with direct management of the customer package throughout Italy and through the branches and the exclusive distributors on the international scene.

After Sales

A flexible team able to address faults in real time and in every part of the world, consisting of: a back office of technicians prepared to deal with a wide range of problems; a spare parts office; an extensive and external network of technical assistance centres; an in-house department strictly dedicated to the reconditioning of customers' systems.