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Data Centers

air conditioning system for data center

The limited budget and high costs of electricity force IT operators to seek more efficient solutions and at the same time able to ensure a high reliability. Air conditioning systems in data center uses about 40% of the total energy used by IT system, so if you choose an efficient solution you’ll get lower energy bills and lower PUE (power usage effectiveness). The specific technical solutions adopted in the design make MTA products particularly suitable for cooling data centers.


Why MTA is the perfect partner?

  • Reliable products with over 30 years of experience.
  • Free cooling chillers ensure energy saving up to 45% then conventional chillers.
  • Minimise waste energy consumption with integrated heat recovery.
  • Reduce installation cost through remote monitoring.

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Nominal cooling capacity 351 – 1499 kW. Nominal heating capacity 399 – 1721 kW. R513A
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